Montessori 3 Part Cards

Updated: Mar 3

What are Montessori 3-part Cards?

Whether you are new to Montessori or not, you must have come across a term Montessori 3-part Cards, you might have even downloaded or purchased a few, but might be wondering how to use them.

The 3-part cards consist of 3 parts: 1. Labeled picture cards also named control cards – these are the picture cards with labels written under the pictures 2. Picture cards – these are the picture cards without labels 3. Labels – small cards with only words and no pictures

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How to Use Montessori 3-part Cards?

There are several ways you can use the Montessori 3-part cards. Before using them, make sure that your cards are separated into 3 groups: 1. Control cards 2. Picture cards 3. Labels

The two main ways to use the cards are:

1. Layout out the control cards first Layout the control cards on the left hand of the matt underneath each other. If there are many cards, then create two or three columns. Take the first one of the picture cards and compare it to the first control card. If it matches, then place the card next to it. If it doesn’t match, then continue down the line until you find the match. Continue until all the cards are matched, then take the first label card and compare it to the first control card. If it matches, place the cards underneath the picture card. If not, then continue comparing until the match is found for all the label cards.

2. Layout the picture cards first Place all the picture cards on the matt. Go through all the cards and name what you see in each picture. Take the first one of the label cards and read the word. Match the word you just read to the picture card. Once all the labels are matched to the picture cards, then your child can take the control cards and place them next to the picture cards. This way your child will be able to correct his work.

Happy printing & learning!

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