October Toddler Bundle

October Toddler Bundle


The October Toddler Bundle contains lots of fun activities for little toddler hands. Topics covered include seasons, fruits and vegetables. 


This bundle is about 47 pages long. This bundle is also part of the Little Hands Learn October Plan where you learn about Seasons, Trees, Leaves, North America, Apples and Pumpkins. 


The full October Plan can be found here.

  • What Is Included

    • Matching Activity 
    • Autumn Weather Spinner
    • Four Seasons Poster
    • Seasons Spinner
    • Color Cards
    • Sequencing Activity
    • Line Tracing Activity
    • Small, Medium, Large Sorting Activity
    • Cutting Strips
    • Prewriting Practice
    • Apple Puzzle
    • Root versus Leaf Vegetables
    • Color and Cut Worksheets
    • Pick The Odd One Out
    • Shadow Matching Cards
    • Coloring Pages
  • Who is it for?

    Perfect for families and school following Charlotte Mason and Montessori education.

  • Refund Policy & FAQs

    This is a digital product and therefore non-refundable.

    For any questions, please email support@littlehandslearn.com